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    Lucy Cleland is a literary agent and the dramatic rights manager at Kneerim & Williams, where she works on a range of projects from groundbreaking “big idea” nonfiction to select upmarket fiction and children’s titles. Lucy has worked with and represented the work of a range of new and established authors, including scholars Claudia Goldin, Kathleen Duval, Kate Manne, Jean Twenge, Ramie Targoff, Amy Stanley, Nichol Argo, and Louis Chude-Sokei; biographer Gillian Gill; professor of law Joshua Douglas; Harry S. Truman fellow for public services and neurodiversity activist Jonathan Mooney; and author-illustrator Jared Williams. Some of her forthcoming titles include Kathleen DuVal's Masters of the Continent,Midnight's Borders by former United Nations attorney and founder of The Polis Project, Suchitra Vijayan (Melville House), Ollie and Harry's Marvelous Adventures by the Scottish brothers behind the Facebook page 'The Days Are Just Packed,' Ollie and Harry Ferguson (Norton Young Readers), Neon Girls: A Stripper's Education in Protest and Power by Professor of English at City College of San FranciscoJennifer Worley (Harper), The Engineer's Wife: A Novel, by debut novelist Tracey Enerson Wood (Sourcebooks), Consensual Hex: A Novel, by debut novelist Amanda Harlowe (Grand Central), and You Are What You Click by Brian Primack, Dean of the College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas (Chronicle Prism). A Southern transplant to Boston, Lucy graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College where she studied English and studio art.

    Lucy is interested in deeply researched engrossing social and cultural history, true crime, and narrative nonfiction; science, psychology, health, and smart self-help grounded in expertise; historical and upmarket commercial fiction. She also represents YA (contemporary, sci-fi/fantasy, nonfiction) and selected children’s nonfiction projects that nourish curiosity. Across the board, she’s drawn to the lives of creatives and rebels, questions about identity and inheritance, and is actively seeking diverse, underrepresented, and queer voices.

    Lucy also coordinates the internship program; please email her directly with any inquiries. Find her on twitter at @VonCleland.

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